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Hiking + Huts


From Pfronten Vilstal you can get over the Himmelreich to the Bärenmoosalm at 1260 m. In winter, depending on snow condition and in case of a lot of fresh snow, climbing an untraceable path takes about 1,5 - 2 hours.


The Gundhütte lies on the southern slope of the Edelsberg at 1180 m, in the middle of the Allgäu Mountains. From the Pfronten centre you will reach the hut in 1,5 hours. At the hut 2 cosy restaurants and a sunny terrace wait for hikers. There is a covered 45 m² indoor playground with a climbing wall, suspension bridge, slide and much more for the little ones.

Kappeler Alp

The Kappeler Hütte is located at an altitude of 1350 m on the Edelsberg. Music belongs to the hut as well as typical Allgäue delicacies. The Trio Monte Carlo, with the hut’s host Karl, gives a performance every Sunday to guests. You will reach the Kappeler Alp from the Pfronten-Kappel in 40 - 90 minutes on different hiking trails. With the cable car from Nesselwang you can reach the Alp in just 10 minutes.


The "Hündleskopfhütte" can be reached in Pfronten-Kappel from the Höllschlucht parking lot in about 40 minutes on foot at 1180 m. From the managed hut you have a fantastic view towards the Allgäu lake landscape with the Forggensee Lake in the centre.


You can reach this hut, situated on the Edelsberg at 1450 m, in 2,5 hours from the Pfronten-Röfleuten or the Pfronten-Kappel. If you take the Alpspitz cableway from Nesselwang to the mountain, you walk only 45 minutes to the hut.


The Kenzenhütte is located at 1300 m in the Kenzen area (the Ammergau Alps / Halblech). The guest is pampered with fine beers and hearty snacks or tasty Bavarian delicacies and, of course, also with coffee and cakes on the cosy sunny terrace. From the Halblech parking lot you need about 3 hours of walking time.
Hiking trails:
Because every level of trail is offered here: from beginner routes to climbing tours with the difficulty level 9+, every mountaineer, whether big or small, will be satisfied here. From the Kenzenhütte you can take an easy tour to Kenzenkopf or the cosy circular route through Kessel. During the hikes to the “Grubenkopf”, to the "Scheinbergspitze" or to the "Lösertalkopf" you will be rewarded with breath-taking views. For experienced and demanding hikers, is offered the climb to the Hochplatte located at an altitude of 2081 m. It is worth mentioning the climbing paradise at the Geiselstein.