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Walder Weiher

You can enjoy fishing at our idyllic located Walder Weiher on your holiday. Here you will find up to 10 different kinds of fish. Fishing is possible from 1 May to 10 October.


The 12 km long and up to 3 km wide Forggensee Lake is bigger than all other lakes in the Allgäu Königswinkel and with a 16 km² surface area is the fifth largest lake of Bavaria. It is an enrichment of the landscape in the summer and autumn months and due to it and the Forggensee shipping the city has gained another attraction.


The Alatsee is an idyllic mountain lake, situated about 6 km west of Füssen. At first sight, the Alatsee appears to be a "normal" mountain lake. But there are many legends and mysteries around it. For example, sulfur bacteria, known only to very few lakes worldwide. The Alatsee is up to 35 m deep and has a surface area of 18 ha.

Obersee and Mittersee

From the western outskirts of Füssen begins the Faulenbach Tal. The large, free of traffic landscape conservation area offers a lot of recreation. Several natural lakes in the immediate vicinity invite to a refreshing bath in summer.


South-east of Füssen, in the municipal area of Schwangau lies the Alpsee embedded in the wooded mountain landscape of the Ostallgäu. It is one of the cleanest, but also the coldest lakes in Bavaria. It is located in the landscape protection area "Alpsee, Schwansee and Faulenbach Tal", directly below the two royal castles Hohenschwangau and Neuschwanstein and has a length of 1,9 km and a circumference of 4,7 km. The south bank of the lake invites you to bathe. The lake is sourced by underground springs and provides a great place to cool down on hot summer days.


The 2,4 km long and 12 m deep Bannwaldsee lies in the municipal area of Schwangau.


The Hopfensee is one of the warmest lakes in Bavaria. With its maximum length of 2,5 km the Hopfensee lies at the resort Hopfen am See. The deepest point of the lake is 10,4 m. The outdoor pool with a playground and mini-golf is equipped for an extra long bathing season. Surfing, sailing, fishing and boating round complete the offer.


With a length of 2,4 km, an average width of almost 600 m and a depth of up to 25 m, the Weissensee covers an area of 1,35 km ² and has a catchment area of almost 15 km².