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Already from afar you can see the landmark of Füssen, the Hohe Schloss (castle), embedded in a royal dream landscape. Below is the picturesque old town of Füssen in the Allgäu. Different epochs combine here and form a fairy-tale setting, which makes a holiday unforgettable. The small, winding streets were witness to a flourishing medieval city. In entire Füssen you can discover old houses with high gothic gables. Beside lavishly decorated churches from the time of the Baroque and Rococo you can see the remains of the old city walls.
Füssen is often referred to as the northernmost city in Italy: hustle and bustle on the Schrannenplatz or around the town fountain reminds about Italian Piazza.

The gardens and parks of the medieval city offer a bit more quietness. Behind the monastery of St. Mang and the Hohe Schloss you will find the tree garden. In the complex of the Hohe Schloss is the terrace garden with many medical and culinary herbs, which were valued and used in the Middle Ages. The Lechuferweg is behind the hospital church. Here you can walk upstream to Bad Faulenbach and downstream to Forggensee Lake. Directly on the shores of the Forggensee Lake is the Festspielhaus (festival hall) Füssen.