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In the middle of the Allgäu region, the location "Wald" is embedded in the pre-Alpine landscape, surrounded by green meadows, gentle hills, large forests and fantastic mountain scenery.

In the parish garden of the village is the village museum, which presents a large exhibition devoted to the topic ”farming”. In addition, all the handicrafts that have ever existed in “Wald” are represented here. From the five dairy farms that once existed, there are butter churns, copper kettles. From the hammer mill, which was closed in 1923, comes the huge hammer and a lot of tools that were once made there.

Linen flour sacks and huge millstones remind of the mills, which had been constructed in Kippach in 1467.

The nature reserve Wertachtal opens up countless hiking opportunities. Scenic highlights such as the cascade waterfall or the suspension bridge over the Wertach, the only way to cross the river at Kaltenbrunn (between Wald and Nesselwang) during a hike through the Wertach valley conservation area, are popular excursion destinations.

Since the end of 2003 there is the Waldhalla, the cultural centre in “Wald”. Village music competitions, concerts and theatre performances take place here.