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Churches + Museems

Parish Church of St. Nicholas

Pfronten's parish church is consecrated to the saint bishop Nicholas. A first church was probably already built around 1100 in Pfronten-Berg. The present Baroque church dates from 1687 - 1692. In 1696, the consecration of the church took place. The special landmark of the Pfronten parish church, the 61 m high tower, was built according to a design of the Pfronten artist Peter Heel and was completed in 1749.


The history of smithy in Pfronten reaches far back into the 16th century. But the Hammerschmiede in the Kurpark was built only in 1928, after the old building had fallen victim to a flood. It was in operation until 1958. A renovation took place in 1985.

Heilig Geist Spital Kirche Füssen

The church, which originally belonged to the adjoining hospital, impresses with its colourful, rococo frescoes facade and is a work of the architect Johann Georg Fischer.

St. Mang's Abbey, Füssen

The former monastery of the Bendediktin Order of the Diocese of Augsburg is located in the centre of Füssen and is worth a visit.

St. Colomans Kirche Schwangau

Built at the foot of the Schwangau mountains and below the Neuschwanstein Castle, the Colomanskirche is one of the landmarks in the Königswinkel.

Museum of the Bavarian Kings, Hohenschwangau

Visiting the interesting permanent exhibition, you can make a unique trip into the history of the Wittelsbach dynasty and the Bavarian kings. Valuable original expositions, magnificent productions and interactive media stations tell the history of the house Wittelsbach and the Bavarian kings until the present time n authentic surroundings.

The Pilgrimage Church of Wies (constructed in 1744)

The Pilgrimage Church to the Scourged Savior on the Wies.
The Pilgrimage Church is one of the most beautiful Rococo churches in Southern Germany and is a UNESCO World Heritage Site.